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1CDLI - Digital Library, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, http://cdli.ucla.edu

29591 Neo-Sumerian text(s) edited: 5 in Handcopy; 240 in Transliteration; 2 in Translation; 29517 in Photo.
1824 Neo-Sumerian text(s) only in catalogue.
1 Neo-Sumerian text(s) collated.
368 reference(s) in BDTNS to texts studied.
4 reference(s) in BDTNS to seals edited or studied.

2Johnson-Kelly, L.W. (via P. Notizia), Cuneiform Tablets from Cornell University, unpubl. photos by Laura W. Johnson-Kelly, sent by P. Notizia, 2018-2019, unpubl. ms.

125 Neo-Sumerian text(s) edited: 125 in Photo.