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1Sigrist, M. - Owen, D.I. - Young, G.D., The John Frederick Lewis Collection - Part II, Materiali per il Vocabolario Neosumerico 13, Rome 1984

877 Neo-Sumerian text(s) edited: 877 in Handcopy.

2CDLI - Digital Library, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, http://cdli.ucla.edu

51 Neo-Sumerian text(s) edited: 1 in Handcopy; 51 in Transliteration; 50 in Photo.
1 Neo-Sumerian text(s) collated.
23 reference(s) in BDTNS to texts studied.

3Ouyang, X., Monetary role of silver and its administration in Mesopotamia during the Ur III Period (c. 2112-2004 BCE): A case study of the Umma province, Biblioteca del Próximo Oriente Antiguo 11, Madrid 2013

1 Neo-Sumerian text(s) collated.
319 reference(s) in BDTNS to texts studied.

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